Progress Over Perfection

Published on 7 January 2022 at 08:49

2022 is going to be all about progress instead of being all about the goals. Typically, I live by the end result, and -more often than I like to admit- I stall out somewhere on my path towards the goal. And maybe it isn't stalling out... Maybe it's getting distracted by something different. Maybe it's fear of failure. Maybe it's fear in general. Whether it is fear that causes distraction or just distraction in general, I live like this in almost all aspects of my life. 

My best friend can attest to this. Our new house (one year ours this month actually) is one that we have been working on remodeling since we moved in. This means full kitchen remodel, new tile, bathrooms, paint... You name it, we're updating it. My problem is that I often start projects all over the place. I'm painting one room, updating decorations in another, and trying to rearrange furniture in the final one. Guess what that means for me? It means that I'm living in a constant state of incomplete. I have these lofty goals and plans, but unfortunately I start too many different projects at once and everything around me feels chaotic.


Who wants to live like that? Me, apparently.

So, instead of focusing on the end goals, I'm trying to work towards progress. I'm progressing through one room at a time. I'm focusing on progressing as a writer, as a runner, as a reader and thinker, as a teacher, as a mom, as a wife. I'm growing my skills as I try to progress towards the best version of myself. This means that instead of getting down on myself when I don't meet my goals in my timeline, I can reframe my focus on how much progress I have made towards that goal. It's about forward (hopefully) movement, not necessarily about the end result.

This is the year where the loftiness of the goal isn't the focus. 

For me, goals are always moving, and aiming for a moving target is really, really hard! Hopefully a focus on progress will help me remember to celebrate the successes along the way while still moving towards a goal that is meaningful to me. 

So here is what I hope to provide for you all, dear readers: 

A weekly blog post to be posted on Fridays. This is the update on my life section, but I might also post on my teaching and learning page or on my adoption journey. Some weeks I will hopefully be updating you all by sharing some of my creative writing, whether it is a snippet from the novel that I'm currently working on, the novel that I'm ready to send out to beta readers- please apply within!- or my shorter fiction and poetry. Basically, the goal is to stop being a scaredy cat and share the writing that I have been so diligently creating for the past fifteen years of my life. 

Thank you all for your encouragement. This year feels good. This timing feels right. 


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