C. C. Riley


I think I've been writing for my whole life. Growing up, I watched my mom copy verses in her dramatic cursive handwriting on a spiral bound legal pad. I don't have her hand writing, but I still love to write. Whether journaling, writing novels, or dabbling in poetry, I feel like my most authentic self when I have a pen in hand. 



When I first started teaching, I despised it. I thought I had made a terrible life choice. So I tried a couple of other careers- real estate for example- and found that teenagers, with all of their angst, were my people. Once I realized that, I began to see the magic in what I had chosen to do with my life. I haven't looked back since, and they teach me something new everyday. 



Here's the thing about books. Sometimes it takes a person their whole life to find the book that sparks the love of words. I was lucky because when I was eleven years old, Harry Potter took the literary world by storm. I grew up with those characters and that changed the trajectory of my life (that's a post for a different day, though.) 


I'm a lot of other things besides these three. I'm a mother of five, a gardener, a thinker, a wife, a traveler, an audiobook-lover, a runner and fitness fanatic. This blog is a place for me to explore all of these passions (hopefully with some consistency.) 


Here's to a year of writing. 

Here's to a year of challenges and obstacles and victory dances on the other side. 

Man, aren't we all lucky. 



C.C. Riley and her partner Nathan