This is me overlooking Middlefork Lake outside of Red River, New Mexico. This was our last family vacation as a family of three. Right after this trip, we began the process of weekend visits and and overnight stays and trips to Little Rock as our family grew from one five year old son to a family of five children ranging in age from five to thirteen. 

I may look peaceful in this picture, but that isn't always the case. Our world has been chaotic with all of the change, but we are slowly but surely finding our equilibrium... at least as much as you can when you are living in our situation. 

As we look into 2022, we have so much to look forward to. If all goes as planned, on March 1 our children will officially join our family, and I am so excited to introduce them to you. I have plans that include teaching goals, writing goals, running and health goals, and home renovation goals. 

But my main, biggest, most important goal of all? Remember that progress towards all of those destinations is the most important part of this journey.