For the last six months The Sweet Remains, Tired Pony, Snow Patrol, and Blind Pilot have literally been on repeat. Every word of every one of those songs has put me into the right place to be writing about Georgia and Joel and their tiny quirky town. It was crazy, but as I was writing, I realized that either the music influenced the plot and characters or was perfectly created to coincide with my writing. This was especially true of The Sweet Remains, who are powerful and encouraging and truthful. Every character in my novel had a song that made me think of them.

Georgia: Dance with Me, Leading Me Home (The Sweet Remains), Your Way Is the Way Home (Tired Pony)

Joel: What I’m Looking For, Easy (The Sweet Remains), I’m Begging You Not to Go,  (Tired Pony)

I could come up with more, for sure, but this is just to give you a taste. No music over the last six months would do because this was their music. I could put it on and immediately it was like I was back in Georgia’s world, and I loved it.

Now, I’m on to my next novel (can I get an amen!?) and my music has changed. It has had to because I am leaving the world of adult-magic-realist-Southern-homecoming fiction and entering the world of Young Adult.

I’ve been super nervous because Ashley has like a million words already written on her next novel and is all geared up for NaNoWriMo and I’ve been sitting over here twiddling my thumbs wondering if I will EVER have another idea. It’s been pretty stressful, but then Kennedy showed up. So, that’s where I’m at with my new novel and the beginning of the playlist is We the Kings.

Hope this catches you up with me! =)

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