Friday night I finished reading Ashley‘s new novel, Forget the Rest, and I cried.  I cried because the characters gave me all the feels, because I was rooting for them all the way, and because when I was done, well… this is going to take some explanation.


Ashley’s Novel, My NEW Words, and Some Research


One of the best things about books is knowing that their stories continue long after you shut the bindings and leave those pages. In my head, Harry is still fighting bad guys with Ron at his side and Hermione is still keeping them out of too much trouble. Byrd is growing up, and she’s going to be fine. Ben gets to explore life with Guinevere at his side and finally has a family that loves him. You see, once I close the book, it takes me a while before I can pick a new book because those characters are still telling me their stories, whispering in my ear at night about all the things that they are doing.

When I finished reading about Elle and Finn and Everly and Ty and Chet, they stayed with me through the night. I’ve never gone through this process with someone else, reviewing and revising words before they make it to publishing, but I can tell you one thing, this book will make it to shelves. It’s better than most of the books I read and it’s only on its second revision! Just wait people, you’ll see it, too!


Me, a cup of coffee, new words, and sunshine.



So, now that I’ve finished revising her novel and it’s on its way back to her, I’m waiting patiently for Georgia and Joel to make their way back to me. I’m even ready for them. I almost miss them. Almost. While I wait, I’m working on my next novel, the story of three sisters, Lyndon, Kennedy, and Eleanor, who find themselves dealing with life as teenagers as well as a new life with money. I’ve always wondered how different people would deal with an influx of surprise money, so that’s what this novel will explore, at least that’s what I plan to explore. The novel might change her mind, who knows.

Happy Reading, Writing, Running, and all the other -ings you get to enjoy on Sundays!


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