I’m having a really hard time deciding what I want to talk about today! There is so much that I can talk about, from the Arkansas Curriculum Conference to my Catholic conversion classes, I just have a lot going on in my life. I think I’m going to go with my conversion class last night because I received the biggest compliment of my life from basically a stranger!

I was told by Father Charles and by Mary, the sponsor, that I am going to be a great teacher because of the things that I was saying in the lesson. Considering it was my first time to really speak up, I would call it a huge success. Besides the compliment, however, we talked about the images of God.


Questions like: Who is God? How do we as individuals describe the God that we serve? Has your past directly influenced your view of God?

First thing we talked about is God as Father, because he loves us, will never forsake us, forgives us, but still reprimands us. Unfortunately, if we have a difficult relationship with our fathers (I don’t by the way) it makes that view of God difficult. With our human brains, we can’t really ever comprehend the full magnitude of who God truly is.

I felt and still feel that when we try to wrap God up in a human sized package, we are limiting the limitless, taking something that should be multidimensional and making that something one dimensional. God is bigger than that, and he should stay that way.

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