This December Challenge has been just that, a challenge. Writing everyday for my blog is difficult, but I love seeing all the readers that I am gaining, so if your a frequent flyer at or if this is your first visit, thank you! I hope that all of the blogging world is enjoying learning a little bit more about me and my friend over at And So I Did as we venture out to tell you all kinds of interesting things about ourselves!


Snow-pocalypse happened, that’s what happened. On Wednesday the weather men and women around the world warned the NW Arkansas people of the coming blizzard. We didn’t believe them. We thought we might get enough to miss one day of school, maybe.

Over eight inches of snow later, we, being school, my husband, my friends, missed five days of school, from Thursday to the next Thursday. This snow-pocalypse was extraordinary because it happened in December, and I can’t remember ever having snow in December. Normally, here in Arkansas, we may get snow in February, and last year we even got a little bit of snow in May, but I can’t remember ever getting snow in December.

So, as most of you probably know, I am horrible at being lazy. I just can’t do it. I have to be productive. By about day two of being on house arrest, I was ready to call it quits, and I love snow. I love the magical feeling of the world being covered in a white blanket, and I love that every time I go outside my cheeks turn rosy and I feel refreshed and happy.

What I don’t love- being trapped. The only upside? I was trapped with Nathan, and he’s my favorite. The only way that I could truly handle being caught in the snow-pocalypse was to be productive at something. Thanks to Madi and her sewing skills, and the fact that she lives about a mile and a half from me, I sewed pillow cases and helped sew curtains. After all that was done, I repainted the trim and several doors in the house, rearranged mine and Nathan’s bedroom, cleaned out the master closet, cleaned out and painted the master bathroom closet, and created art for the living room.

We’ve lived in this cozy cottage for two years now, and it was feeling a little clinical. I take forever to make decisions and I’m afraid (literally, I sometimes have nightmares) of clutter, so my whole design plan walks a fine line between cozy and having just enough stuff that it isn’t cluttered.


Seriously, I would have been less busy if I had just gone to work, but now, our house looks like a home, and that makes me happy.

If you were part of Snow-Pocalypse 2013, what did you do? If you weren’t, tell me you were lounging on the beach and soaking in the sun!

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