Today is a day of lasts… Alot of lasts going on today. I thought I would continue the nostalgia from the last post and give you a rundown.

Today is my last last day of undergraduate school. I can remember when it was my last last day of high school, but it was nothing like this. When my last last day of high school came around, I was more than ready for that next chapter in my life. During the summer I counted down the days, but this time, I’m not so sure.

Today is my last time to turn in a paper, at least for a little bit. My last time to write what feels like all night and come out with something that I don’t even like. Thankfully Jerry Stewart is one of my super awesome best friends and he is repairing the errors. =)

This is my last time to go into my first class completely unprepared. Dr. Shumaker, you really have become one of my favorite teachers, and I’m sad that I didn’t take any of your classes sooner, but The Octopus? Really? (For those of you who have never heard of this book – don’t feel bad, none of the class had heard of it and another teacher laughed about us reading it.- It is a massive tale of the wheat farmers in California, and it has a horrible ending. And it’s over 500 pages long. boo.

I’m over talking about lasts. Let’s talk about why I am so excited about these lasts. Actually, I’m just going to give you a list of the ten things I’m going to do as soon as school is officially over.

1.) I am going to read Inkspell, The Sorceress, Brisinger, Syren, Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon Kingdom and Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, and many more of my favorite books.

2.) I am going to finish my novel in progress, The Ipswich Chronicles. That’s a working title, by the way.

3.) I am going to take naps.

4.) I’m going to keep getting up way to early to drink my coffee, and I’m going to read poetry during that time.

5.) I’m not going to critically analyze everything that I read, because I’ve decided, in the big picture, it’s better to just enjoy what you’re doing.

6.) I’m going to spend beaucoups and beaucoups of time with Nathan and Willow.

7.) I’m going to whip this body back into shape and hopefully be the assistant coach for a middle grade basketball team. =)

8.) I am going to blog regularly, because I really do enjoy it. All the time.

9.) I’m contemplating deleting my facebook. Hmm.

10.) I’m going to have fun and enjoy myself again, because it’s been a while.

Now that I’ve given you my list, what’s on your list? You don’t have to tell me, but do go out and enjoy life. These last three years, I’m scared I have lost sight of what is most important to me all because of grades and being statistically better.

Life isn’t a statistic.

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