I have always been a do-it-myself-er. I don’t want help doing anything. If I am successful, I am going to be successful through my own hard work and dedication. That was my philosophy the first time that Madi brought up Advocare. I didn’t want to hear anything about it.

Then, after a lot of conversations with Madi about the products, I decided about a year ago to do the Advocare 24-Day Challenge. While I wasn’t completely convinced, I did know that I needed some help to lose the last ten pounds. They were stuck and no matter how many miles I was running (I was training for a half marathon at the time), the ten wouldn’t come off. The 24-Day Challenge changed my perspective because it is all about clean eating and taking good quality vitamins and minerals.

My body needed a reboot, and the 24-Day Challenge was the means for the reboot. I was able to learn so much about clean eating and put those meal planning skills to practice in a way that enabled me to change my diet. Once my diet was refreshed and the Ten Day Cleanse was over, I felt amazing.


The amazing feeling only continued as I continued through the challenge. When I finished the challenge, I realized by the end of it all that more than losing those ten pounds, I had changed some bad habits (chips and salsa all the time my friends) and held myself accountable. After the challenge, I increased my workouts, and saw huge results. For almost a year, I kept the pounds off, kept running and working out, and ultimately felt great.

In December, one year removed from my first challenge, I knew that I had gained those sticky ten pounds back. I could feel them. Madi talked to me about doing a challenge in January and I decided to partake. This time I was more focused on exactly what I was doing. I looked into the quality of the products that I was taking. I asked questions and went to a kick off party where I was able to meet people who love the products and were able to explain why. After learning more about the products I was taking and how they were helping my body, I decided to explore the option of becoming a distributor. I had the opportunity to go with some amazing people to the Advonation Success School in Dallas, TX, over the weekend where I got to learn about the business side of Advocare as well as the product side. By the end of the training, after listening to the doctors talk about the products that they created and how good they were for your body, I was sold.

I became a distributor because I believe in the products. If you know me well, you know how much I love coffee. Today is day 9 without coffee. You know how huge that is for me! These products are amazing because the focus is on putting good things into your body. It’s all about eating right, exercising, and making sure your body gets what it can’t get from the food that we eat. I’m not a bandwagon-er. I am convinced that Advocare is the best product on the market to help you reach the goals that you have set for yourself!

If your interested in buying your own products, or becoming a distributor, please feel free to email me, comment here, or check out my profile at Advocare.com. My distributer number is: 150121171! Please check it out!

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