Hello Friends!

Today is Thursday, but it is actually my Friday because this weekend I FINALLY get to go see my family in Camden and, better yet, I get to watch my lovely sister, who is a senior in high school and who just found out she is valedictorian of her class (I’m so super proud, can you tell?) walk on homecoming court! I’m excited to slow down this weekend and spend time talking and hanging out with them since I don’t get to see them very often.

I thought that before I left you all might want an update on some of the goals that I set for January and beyond. First goal was to run everyday for the month of January. I will be honest, I have missed two days. But, that means that I have run 20 of the last 22 days, which is the best running record I have ever had! My second goal is to run twelve races (which should work out to one a month). This was a great plan in theory but running in the winter is a chore and there aren’t that many races happening in January or February. My goal is to go talk to the people at Fleet Feet (where I buy all my running gear) about upcoming races. Hopefully they can help me out, otherwise this summer is going to be FULL of races.

imgres-1My Advocare 24 Day Challenge is going really well. I haven’t cheated at all. Seriously. Not a single meal has been unclean, and that makes me super proud. I haven’t lost a ton of weight or anything, but I didn’t have a ton to lose. What I’m learning about healthy eating habits and fitness is much more important than a number on a scale. My friends who are doing the All In Challenge with me are seeing crazy results (one has lost nine pounds, one eleven in just 18 days) so I know how this works. I’m also seeing a huge gain in my muscle development. Seriously, my arms look amazing and I am finally seeing the definition in my thighs that I’ve been looking for. That old saying that you can’t out-workout a bad diet is definitely proving true for me. I know that the changes in my diet are leading to the changes in my physical appearance.


I told you all that I signed up to be an Advocare distributor. At this moment, I haven’t sold anything, which is okay. I know how long it took me to realize the value of Advocare supplements. They are expensive. More expensive than a lot of products on the market right now, but the difference is in the quality. I compare it to people buying Mary Kay versus people buying Wal-Mart brand cosmetics. You only get one face, and you want to put products on your face that are going to be good for it. Same with the products that we put into our body. Of course I could go to GNC or even Wal-Mart and buy protein powder to make my shakes with, but that isn’t going to be the same quality of product as my Advocare protein.

My Grandfather is a little famous in our family for saying that you should always spend the money to buy what you really want, instead of going with a cheaper option. He says that you will just get bored or frustrated later with the cheaper option that you still spent money on. He’s definitely right, and I can tell you that I only get one body, and I want to make sure that I’m putting in the supplements that are going to make me feel the best for the longest.

Now, that’s all that I have for you all. Today I’m going to go print copies of Look to the Sky for my beta readers. I can’t tell you how nerve-wracking it is to let my baby out into the world, but I know it’s time. I feel this weird sense of calm when I think about it, and I know that there isn’t anything that I can do at this point to move forward until I let her go.

Happy Almost Friday! =)

P.S. If you are interested in checking out Advocare products, or you want to buy from me, follow this link!

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