Homecoming Court

Homecoming Court

Today, at approximately 6:30 pm, my little sister will walk across a stage and receive her high school diploma. I can’t believe that she is old enough to graduate even more than I can’t believe I’m a whopping 26 years old. She has grown up so much over the last couple of years and I couldn’t be prouder of her.

This year, she has accomplished so much, and all of her hard work will pay off in this one glorious night. She is the Valedictorian. She was Prom Queen. She has done and been involved. She studied (probably not enough, but hey? That’s what college is for, right?). She was a cheerleader. She learned life lessons that are difficult, but way better learned early. She learned when to trust and when not to trust. She is going to college at Henderson State University in the fall. Go Reddies!

I can’t help going through old pictures, thinking about the way things used to be. We fought like siblings are supposed to fight growing up, maybe even a little more seeing as I’m always right and she was always obstinate (read with sarcastic tone). As I’m sitting here being all reminiscent, I can remember the little green tractor that sat in or around our gravel driveway at the house on Troy Road. That house will always be one of my favorites because that house was so full of memories. Dallas had this tractor and I would push her around the driveway as she road in it, usually with a

Gosh, we were both little...

Gosh, we were both little…

bag of salt and vinegar chips in my hands. I’m not sure if this is a memory or just something I wish I would have done, but I vaguely remember her throwing some sort of temper tantrum (she was famous for her temper tantrums. Ask her, she’ll tell you!) and I marched off and left her by the road. Thinking back that doesn’t sound like something that I would have done then. Now, absolutely. =)

We loved Winnie the Pooh and watching Disney movies and playing outside. We, no matter how much we fought, were a team of two.

We were always this sassy.

We were always this sassy.

We fought so much that getting a picture of us together was hard to do. Sometimes because I was mad at her for something she had done, or more likely not done, or because she refused to take a picture with me. We were ornery. Looking back, I definitely feel a little bad for that Momma of ours. Bless her heart.

I remember at my wedding, Dallas was going through her rocker phase. She went through it and got over way faster than I did. Normally so tough, she walked around the wedding crying more than smiling. I can’t remember the details of her tears, but they were there.



She’s probably going to hate me posting all of these pictures, but these pictures capture moments of our world as we grew up. There was our trip to Ireland with the whole family in tow. There was fishing in front of the pond at Mamaw and Papaw’s house and books read talked about. There was that time that my car caught on fire and I didn’t believe her, because seriously, cars just don’t catch on fire, right? There were so many morning yelling matches because she wasn’t ready as quickly as I thought she should be. I know that I mommed her more than I should have. Being eight years older, I felt like I had the right to mom her. I wish I hadn’t done that now. Now that she’s graduating, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hope that we only grow closer and closer.

So, Dallas, here are some of my promises to you for your future:

-I promise to listen and only give advice when you ask for it (even if I know you probably won’t take it).

-I promise to do a better job of respecting your opinions, especially when they are different from my own.

-I promise to be there, and that even if I don’t answer because you call at some crazy time, I’ll always call you back.

-I promise to read your essays with a teacher’s eye.

-I promise to always be in your corner.

So here’s to you, my almost grown up little sister. Happy Graduation Day!



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