Last week I had the brilliant realization that the reason I spend a majority of my time stressed out is because I have very few of my moments unplanned. That’s definitely true. It seems, and it’s proven true if you look at my calendar, that I’m going from one planned event to the next.

Sometimes, that’s a good thing. I always feel great about getting so much accomplished, but by the end of the week I’m bordering on cranky. Being an introvert makes me not just want, but need that unscheduled down time/alone time. Yesterday, I informed all of my friends that I would be taking a day for myself. I had very limited outside world interaction. I went to Lowe’s with Nathan to get a blade for our beautiful, just delivered miter saw and some wood to finish the door bookshelf. I went to mass and I went grocery shopping. That’s pretty much it for the interaction with the outside world category.

It was amazing and beautiful and wonderful. I sat outside in the sunshine, I spray painted things, I worked a little bit on my garden. I felt rejuvenated after so many days of planning even the small moments.

Unfortunately, I never seem to learn my lessons. This is the last week before Spring Break and my calendar overflow-eth. I have something (meetings, meetings with parents, seeing Amy Tan speak, and hair) everyday this week. But that’s okay because on Friday Nathan, pups, and I are headed up to Minneapolis to stay with the fam! I’m so excited. They’ve lived there for a couple of years and this is our first time to head up to stay with them.

Going into this week and knowing how scheduled my life is, my goal is to take the small moments that I’m allowed, the 5-6 am, the tiny lunch times, and remember to breathe and to be thankful. Sometimes, life is hectic. My other goal: Do a better job of scheduling down time for myself. For this week, though, I’ll just have to put it in a lower gear and pedal on.

Happy Monday!

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