So, I realize my absence has been pretty long lived at over a week. (I also realize it’s early because I just tried to spell realize “reallyize” which is fun, but wrong.) It was the craziest week I’ve had since I was in grad school and doing my first year of teaching. But I have great news. Really, really, really GREAT news!

IMG_5295 4It started with Real Estate. That online course was killer. There were over 100 “lessons” to do that included powerpoint slides and timed questions. If you happen to be a note taker, like I am, that translates to over 200 pages of notes. 200. That’s a lot of notes. The course also required you to go through EVERY presentation twice. Ugh. So, my friend Madi and I decided to take the risk and really push ourselves and finish the final 45 lessons or so (for me) in one week. My whole world was consumed with Real Estate.

I worked on it every morning in the time that I would normally spend writing, worked on it at school during my lunch time, and at night. To put it in perspective, Nathan and I didn’t watch a single episode of Friends last week (we’re in season 7!).  It was a tough week because we were so committed to finishing.

If you’ll notice in the picture, I passed the final for the course and now I only need to prepare for the final exam that will happen at the end of October most likely. Now that I have my certificate, I need to get my fingerprints completed and submit my paperwork. I’m taking this entire week off from Real Estate, however. My brain has earned a break from that kind of work.

Aside from Real Estate, it was a full week. I had meetings, did hair, worked on my New Tech Master Teacher program, and most importantly celebrated the birth of my very best friend, my person, my love, Nathan. That one deserves a post all it’s own, though!

I hope your Sundays are filled with rest and reading, calmly enjoying this weather, because I believe it doesn’t get much better than this. I’ll do better this week with my posts, promise.

Happy Sunday!

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