Best Friends

Best Friends

This weekend is kind of a bid deal for me in a couple of different ways. First of which is my best friend Chelsy is getting married. Chels is one of the quirkiest, coolest people I’ve ever met, and I’m so excited and honored to go to her wedding. We leave this morning before eight to make the long drive to Houston. Her wedding is going to be outside and vintage inspired and I’m telling you all I’m so happy for her.

The second reason I’m excited is because this will be my first, and probably my only, chance to officiate a wedding. I’ve spent hours agonizing over the words, making sure that I’ve got it all just right, and I’m still not convinced. I’ll probably make tweaks on it until the ceremony starts.

While I’ve been piecing the ceremony together, I’ve also been thinking about what kind of advice I would give a newly married couple. What are the most important parts of a successful marriage? Nathan and I have been married for five years and together for almost eight years. I still feel the same way about him as I did when we first started dating and everything was shiny and new. What do we do that allows that to happen?

Honestly, the only true and solid answer that I can come up with is that we both put each other first and we spend a majority of our time together laughing. Those two things, respect and laughter, when combined are the two secret ingredients in the potion that is marriage.

Chelsy and Justin, I hope that you always find a way to laugh, at each other, with each other, around each other. I hope that you can always put the other one first. I hope that every year you spend together is filled with much more good than bad. I hope that this marriage is everything you ever dreamed of and more. Congratulations.

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