It’s Sunday morning at 7:51 and it is my last day of summer vacation. 


It’s crazy to think about how quickly this summer went by, how much I accomplished, how many things were put on the back burner, what I wish I could go back and do. But, either way, tomorrow morning I will get up extra early, drive through obnoxious traffic, and go to a job where I am charged with teaching sophomores skills that will help them become successful in their futures.

This is my first year that I will be returning to the same building since I started teaching. I taught one year in Fort Smith, one year at Rogers High School, and last year was my first year at New Tech. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to have found a home, because really that is what I have found. Last week was spent getting to know the new facilitators that will be joining our team. Our faculty almost doubled in size and so did our building. It’s a little scary to think about things changing, but after working with them over the last week, I realize how lucky I am to get to work with them this year.

I feel like this is the first year that I am really excited about going back to school, and apparently a lot of my learners felt the same way. They were at the school the last Sunday checking things out, asking our director for a tour. How cool is that? Kids excited for school to start back. Either way, as I embark on a new grade level with new subjects, I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for New Tech.

This post was turning a bit sappy, so I ‘m going to switch gears and tell you about my novel, which is progressing swimmingly. The Georgia novel was written in seven different documents, and today I finished revisions on the fifth. That’s right, you read correctly, revisions for the fifth document are COMPLETE! I am so so so so happy to share that with you all. Over the next week we will get to see how difficult it will be to continue working out regularly, writing every afternoon, and providing quality education to my kids. This is a journey, and I know it won’t be smooth. Smooth or not, I’ll keep pushing forward.

Happy Sunday, friends. And to all my kids, see you tomorrow!


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