I’m sitting in my oversized cream chair in the living room, nursing a headache at the same time that I’m nursing my first cup of coffee. The garden and all the flowers have been watered in preparation for what could turn into a really hot day. Hot or not, it will be humid.


Last night, Nathan and I attended a very beautiful wedding for some family friends. After the wedding and during the reception, Nathan’s Mom asked why we weren’t dancing. Nathan blamed me and I blamed him. You see, when I was still in college and he and I were just getting to know each other, I would go to weddings with him and he would ask me to dance and I almost always said no. I think it was a combination of me really not being able to dance (serious case of white girl syndrome) and being nervous about looking silly. Three years into our marriage and I’m not quite so concerned with all that. A couple of songs later, Nathan asked me to dance and I said yes. We danced through a couple of songs and it really was fun.

On the way home, I was thinking about all the things that make me happy, because as awkward as I am on the dance floor, I do feel happy when I’m dancing with Nathan. So here goes, a very short list of some of the things that make me happy.

–Coffee in the morning, or afternoon, or whenever really.
–Puppies that never let me write alone.
–The fact that CandyCrush only has so many lives.
–A clean, redecorated office that just feels right.
–Friends that have mad skills, whatever they may be, and their willingness to share.
–A clean house filled with glowing candles.
–A husband who not only puts up with by obsessive need for cleanliness and projects, but more often than not helps me with them.
–Friends who read as much as me, and “get it” when I share a favorite with them.
–A garden that may have weeds, but also has soul.

I feel like sometimes we get wrapped up in the unknown parts of life, of our possible futures, and forget to just be thankful for the wonderful parts of life. This is something else that journaling has helped show me. Life is full of the little details, and if we’re looking for the grand gesture, we might miss what counts. The thing with the wonderful parts of life is that they are usually found in the quiet everyday corners.

When I think about those quiet, everyday corners, I think about a hobby or activity that makes my heart happy. When you find something that you love to do, you have to do it, as much and as often as you can. This connection is most clear to me when I am writing, or reading, or playing in my garden. I have friends who love to bake, to sew, to read, to craft.


My challenge for you, dear readers, is to make time for that thing that you love doing but never have time for. What is hidden in your quiet corners where happiness bubbles out?

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