Not that long ago, maybe in November, I said I was done with Look to the Sky. Well, I’m going to say that again, after another couple of months of revision. I’ve gotten to that point again where I just want to be done. I want to move on and try on some other characters. I have two in particular floating around in my mind that I’ve been hiding away, hopefully subconsciously planning that novel while I was focused on revisions.

I have plans to take and have a couple of copies printed this week. All those beta readers better get ready, because as scary as it is to send this book that I have poured the last eight months into, it is even scarier to keep it here with me and not share it. I love writing, but I’m afraid that anymore work on this one particular book will make me not love writing all that much anymore.

I’m a perfectionist by nature. Even as I’m typing this I’m thinking about the one last thing that I wanted to change. But I can’t. I can’t seem to make it all go together or figure out what that last ingredient is. Hell, it may actually be complete and I just didn’t/don’t realize it. That would be acceptable.

Honestly, I think that the reason that I have been putting off this moment for so long is because I’ve never done what comes next. I’ve never shared an entire novel of mine with someone else. It’s very exposing, like sharing the innermost secrets of my heart with others. And then there is this great fear that all will go as planned and I will get published and there will be strangers who hate my book or fixate on a few minor flaws and miss the story.

Either way, fears aside, this is happening. This is happening because this is what I really, really want. I want to be a published writer. So, since that is what I want, I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen.

Happy Monday, friends! download

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