That title seems a little bit dramatic doesn’t it? It should. I probably used it before when I ran that half marathon, and I might have thought the same thing when I graduated with my undergraduate degree, followed by graduating with my master’s degree.

All those other accomplishments, I was probably going to accomplish either way. My beautiful family made sure that I realized that college was not an option, and they held me accountable to following through. Running is a competition with myself, so why wouldn’t I try to do something like a half? All of these things are great accomplishments that I am really proud of, but none of them quite compare to my most recent accomplishment.

I have wanted to do this since I read Harry Potter when I was eleven. At first, I was the queen of making excuses as to why I couldn’t or why I didn’t. Then, I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, failed, then tried again the second year and succeeded, and now I can’t help but participate in it. As much as I love NaNoWriMo, completing NaNo and completely finishing the writing of a novel are two very different things. One is all about word count and happens in a month, the other takes time. Lots and lots of time. On Friday I did something that I have been working towards since June.

I finished revising the Georgia Novel. 

I’ve been working. Hard. I’ve told you all before, the Georgia novel is my fifth novel. It has also been my first novel in a lot of ways. Some fun facts:

  • I have listened to two playlists the entire time I’ve been writing.
  • The Sweet Remains, because of Georgia, are now in my top five bands and you should go listen to them. I swear every song they wrote told a story about my novel and my characters. I think they knew the story before I did. Check out “Dance With Me.”
  • Ashley, of the Afternoons with You variety, read the entire novel as I wrote it. I have never ever ever done that before, and I think it as my saving grace. She knew the ins and outs, and when I was ready to give up, she didn’t let me.
  • I wrote the last scene. Normally I don’t allow myself to get to that point. I hate endings. I’m the person that reads every book in a series but the last one because I don’t like the end. If I don’t finish the series, then the characters go on living in my mind. They still do even when I finish, it just isn’t as open-ended.
  • I read the entirety of the novel from beginning to finish and made revisions. This is hugely scary because I thought “What if this is horrible and I’ve been kidding myself for months?” That’s a scary thought, but I swallowed it.
  • Now, I’m in the process of going back through the novel and adding scenes, making better connections, fixing plot holes. You know, all of the things. I’ve never done this before.
  • I’m on a deadline. Ashley gets a copy of this revision on October 10. I have a couple of weeks to get the final scenes written, move things around, get it ready for her.
  • We also set a deadline for giving the novel to BETA READERS. Seriously, I don’t know how to make it more serious than that.

So, today I’m back in the trenches with my novel after a meeting yesterday with Ashley. We have a plan, we have deadlines, and now we have  stuff to get done.

Happy Sunday, dear readers. I know mine is!

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