I shouldn’t be blogging right now. I am one new scene and 770 words away from being done with my second revision on the Georgia novel, which now has a title, by the way, and I CAN’T FOCUS. I don’t know why. My friend Ashley at Afternoons With You said it best when she said that she is sick of her characters. Girl, don’t I know it. I’m sick of mine to!

So, in order to distract myself, a list of things that I have been doing while finishing the revision of my novel:

  1. Reading the AP World History book. It’s scary.
  2. Grading and grading and more grading.
  3. Reading The One Hundred Foot Journey.
  4. Drinking LOTS of coffee.
  5. Getting ready for presentation time!
  6. Listening to the Sweet Remains like there is no other band in the world. You should check them out if you haven’t heard of them.
  7. Listening to Dragon Rider, which makes my heart happy.

That’s all I have for you all right now. I have 770 words left to revise and a scene to write so I can print this sucker and put it into the mail to Ashley!


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