Recently, I’ve seen a lot of posts on the blogs that I follow about that lucrative thing, the muse, and making time for writing. For some reason, those two ideas really interconnect in my head. Making a writing schedule, carving out those moments in your day when you would normally be sleeping or watching tv paired with the idea that you should sit around and wait on the “muse” to give you the brilliance you need to write just seem to go hand in hand. I just read this gritty piece that tells it like it is at The Writer’s Inner Journey about the muse, so I thought I would share some of my own ideas.

For the past year, I have gotten up anywhere between 4:30 and 5 in the morning. The house is always dark and quiet, except for the sound of Dakota’s ridiculously long tail slapping the walls as we walk from our bedroom to the office. The bed is always warm and cozy, Nathan is always snuggled up, and yet, the alarm goes off and I roll myself out of bed.

You see, I got fed up with excuses. I got fed up with the idea that people my age were getting published and writing books and I wanted that, really I did. But when I really looked at my life, I realized that I wasn’t writing. I wasn’t doing anything to make that dream a reality.

But here I am, one year later, two journals completely filled with stories “about the applesauce and trying to keep the dog from licking the broken glass on the kitchen floor.” I have been consistently posting on the blog, minus the last two weeks where I was super sick and dealing with the remodel that will never end. I have written almost 200,000 words of two different novels.

For me, the muse still hasn’t visited, but I’m not waiting around on a muse. I’m putting words onto a page and getting stuff done. Will either of these novels ever see the light of day? Who knows. This summer I’m delving into the revision process for the first time and I’m scared to death. But writing the words used to be scary, too. 

So, if you want to write, make time. If you want to be fit, make time. Whatever it is you want to do, make time for it. Yes, five in the morning is pretty painful at first, but once you get used to it, it’s no big thing.

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