When I sit on my back patio in the mornings, coffee, journal, and pen in hand, (especially during the work week), I close my eyes and slowly put my mind at ease. The sounds of the highway traffic almost sound like the ocean.


I always saw the weaknesses in these people, but now I realize it was just because I was standing too close to notice all the ways in which their strength could really shine. The daisy is a symbol of strength: the wind blew and the storms raged and still, the small, simple daisy stood strong, rooted in peace.


The rain patters on the windows as the overhead light glares off of my journal’s pages, reflecting off of my silver pen.


The concrete of the step I am sitting on is hard on my butt, but the air is just the right temperature. The river in front of me is not a cal river, flowing easily as it lightly brushes its fingers on the shore. This river is rushing wildly, bowling over rocks, knocking the obstacles it faces out of the way, like a businessman late for a meeting. The river is loud, drowning out or at least blending with the nearby traffic sounds; I imagine the birds are puffing out their chests in an attempt to be heard.



These are just a few lines from a few pages of my weekly journal musings. I can happily say that in two weeks of journaling daily, I have only missed one day. I must also sadly report that I have zero excuse for not writing that day. That’s okay though, I’m still growing.

I have several journals from both high school and college that I have hidden around my office. They contain angsty poetry and pissed off song lyrics. They have a few stories that I started, a few experiences that I wanted to document. Mostly, when I look at these journals, I see that I wasn’t ever able to finish the writing inside them. I usually got about half way, sometimes less, before I got bored and quit.

My goal for this summer is to completely fill this newly purchased journal. I am a little less than a quarter of the way done, but I am able to say that I am well past page thirty. I’m working on a personal essay that I am hoping to finalize and get posted this week. I am practicing writing with all of my senses all of the time, which is hard. It is making me more conscious of all the details that I take in throughout the day. It is hard work being a writer!

Well, I guess that’s enough to keep you in the loop! Hopefully next week I’ll be able to say I’ve doubled my journal page count! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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