For the past week of my NaNo related freedom, I’ve told myself to sit down and write for the blog, for you guys, but it just hasn’t happened. One thing or another has caused me to not get to it, most likely just being tired after all that writing in the month of April. So, next week, I’m hoping to get back into a groove and really tear up the blog writing. Really, I do!

For now, I want to talk about the power of journal writing. When I participate in competitions like NaNoWriMo, the first thing that gets tossed to the side is my journal writing. When I’m writing two thousand fiction words a day, the journal writing seems like a chore of epic proportions. Now that NaNo is over and I’m back to journalling, I remember how powerful putting the pen to the paper actually is. Something about the pen in my hand and the journal on my desk gets my creative juices flowing. It’s like the ink is literally a fount of creativity for me.

One of the novels that I’ve been working on since November has just been missing something. After reading lots of books in that genre, I figured out what it was and since then, I have been mentally preparing for full on revision mode. The ideas that have sprung from journaling have been much stronger ideas than those that I have typed. I’m definitely more critical of myself when I’m typing words than when I am hand-writing them.

Recently, I received an email from one of my students about writing. She was struggling with writer’s block. She told me that she had her favorite pen and notebook, a snack and something to drink. She’ll get everything in order but no words will come. That happened to me a lot too, but mostly when I wasn’t journalling. So, if you are struggling with writing or with life, just grab a journal and start writing. It’ s a beautiful thing to reflect on your day and your actions. Journalling is one of the most important things that I do for myself.


This whole post seems a little bit ironic because it is the opposite viewpoint of one of my learners. Yesterday the wifi went down so they had to write by hand on paper. His was a hate note about writing by hand.

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