My life is a crazy hectic mess of class, internship, work, homework, and a serious deprivation of sleep. Every time I have a brilliant idea for a story or a blog, I’m in the middle of one of those previously mentioned obligations (and considering the amount of times that I have one of those brilliant moments, I really should own a pause world remote so I can write this down).What I’m learning, more and more every day, is that what I write about doesn’t really matter. When a story comes to me, I’ll have something then, but until that point, what is most important to me is to write.

Even though my life is at its craziest right now, I realize that writing is my escape. Immersing myself in a world of my own creation is like living a dream every day. I may not be published, and I may never be, but the one thing that can never be taken away from me is the sense of peace that I get from simply starting a sentence, and watching that sentence become a paragraph, become a page, become a world.

I recently found one of my old stories that I left unfinished and decided to work on it some more. It will be a children’s book, geared probably for the tweens. This story is about a ten year old girl named Jess. I started this story a few years ago and slightly modeled the character after a few of my family members. When I recently opened up what little I had gotten around to writing, I realized that it definitely was not up to my current standards, but I had a direction, I had an idea, and I now have a purpose. I’m doing a bit of outlining now, and hopefully said outlining will lead to an awesome story of a girl’s curiosity. (No, it won’t end for Jess like it ended for the poor cat.)

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