My diversity class starts tomorrow, and this is one of our first assignments. This is my “I am” poem. I hope you enjoy and possibly learn a little bit about me.

Also, here’s an update of what the puppies look like nowadays. Cute, huh?

“Where I’m From”

I am from blank pages wishing for words,
from steaming cups of coffee and a handwritten Bible.
I am from wide open spaces, trapped in the Bible-belt.
(open, silent glances filled with loud, unforgiving words)
I am from the open fields of dandelion puffs, making flowers of no worth,
the trailing vines of clematis, starting life as a pokey puff,
harsh lines and painful memories turned individual beauty.
I’m from Christmas pajamas and hard manual labor,
from Curtis Lynn and Stacye Lynn.
I’m from the thoughtful and slow to speak and the loud and unrelenting.
From old wives tales and empty promises.
I’m from the judgmental but forgiving, the understanding of the world’s ever-changing existence.
I’m from Cowboys and Indians, from Celtic knots and a belief in magic,
From the story of an old, spitfire grandfather, shot over a watermelon,
the grandmother that wouldn’t claim her Indian heritage (I look just like her they always say).

I am from books read and books devoured, from a hope for the future. From step-parents and step-grandparents, from hours spent with the written word. From the slow to anger and the slow to forgive, the quick to accept and the quiet voice of disagreement. I am from listening to my gut, because that’s the only thing I can really trust and listening to others. I am from an understanding that life was written in shades of gray. I am an always fence rider, forever seeing two sides to every situation.

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