People often need breaks, right? They need breaks from certain people, breaks from activities that they enjoy, breaks from jobs, experiences, or family members. A hiatus. A respite. Yes, let’s use the word respite for my time away from the blog. A respite is “a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.” Blogging definitely wasn’t unpleasant for me, but it had become difficult. I struggled to find content that “fit” into the categories that I had created. It wasn’t blogging that was difficult though. What had become difficult was the brand that I was trying to create out of myself. If I enjoyed something but if it didn’t fit into any of the categories on my blog, then I couldn’t write about it. Or, I could write about it but purely for my pleasure.


Well, I’ve decided that as I’m thirty now, I will unapologetically utilize the “other” category and post whatever I want to. This is my space (not to be confused with myspace… it’s not that cool here), and I can write what I want to. What I want to write about is what I’m passionate about. What is setting my soul on fire. What I’m spending my time doing and what I’m trying to accomplish. I want to write about my classes and what is working and what isn’t, about the fiction that I’m writing and the books that I’m reading. I want to write about politics as I see them and I want to write more than a facebook post about what concerns me.

So, here’s to a new beginning and a fresh start. My hair is shorter, my life is fuller, and I’m ready to share some of all of it.

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