I had every intention when I opened the computer up to write a review of Judy Blume’s Just as Long as We’re Together. Unfortunately, my brain just won’t allow the thoughts to come out coherently, so I guess I’ll just let you know what has been happening in my life.

The first thing that I can tell you is that this semester is turning out to be much more difficult than the last. Much, much more difficult. I’m still taking only nine hours, but one of my classes requires me to do observation hours in a classroom. 75 observation hours to be precise. I was placed at Mayflower Middle School, which is definitely rural. I was hoping to be placed in a more urban or even suburban area. Instead, we’ll just see how well I can acclimate to this new and possibly annoying environment.

I’m also in a class called Literature for the Middle Grades. I love this class. I love the books that we’re reading, and I feel like the discussions are full and entertaining. The workload isn’t too much, but this last week was an interesting one. I had my normal book to read and paper to write, but I also had a presentation that was due. I only had a little over a week to prepare it, and that just isn’t enough for me. I get a little OCD when it comes to preparation.

My other class is called Models of Teaching. I love the book The Teacher’s Craft by Paul Chance, and I highly recommend it to any future teachers or current teachers out there. However, the textbook makes me need a nap. I think someone may have crushed a sleeping drug and powdered my book with it. It is extremely boring, and I’m not a fan.

The puppies are cute as always, and the snow has made them happy. Tomorrow is a day of cleaning and homework, so I think I might need to get ready to turn in. Lots to do, as always. Maybe the review will come more smoothly in the a.m. hours.

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