Guess what people of the blog!?! Big things are happening in my world! Huge thing! Really, really big things!

First: Today is my last day of Camp NaNoWriMo! I have 900 words separating me from NaNoWriMo success! I have put blood, sweat, and calloused fingers into this novel, and I am so excited to get back to 500ish words a day.


NaNo Pros: NaNoWriMo forces me out of my comfort zone. I feel this really strong urge to write all the time because I’m so committed to reaching my goal. It also helps me shut up that inner editor who says that everything is crap. Everything is crap when writing 2,ooo words a day, so I don’t feel as guilty about it. I also am able to crank out 50k words in a month. That novel that was just an idea only thirty days ago is now a fully fledged written down into existence novel type thing. It’s not very good. At all. But, it’s on paper and I don’t fear it escaping anytime soon.

NaNo Cons: The words just aren’t as good. On days when I was only writing 500 or so words, the words were just better. I was able to actually focus on how the words sounded and felt when they came out of my mouth. I would read them aloud and if I couldn’t get it just right, it was still better than when it was forced out in great gulps of words.

So, on Friday, I’ll pick some of the best words and share them with you all. Now that I’m almost done with this round of NaNo, I’m going to put this novel aside and go back to my NaNo novel from November. I’ve been reading a lot of books in the genre that that book was supposed to fall into, and so I feel ready to start revision. That novel has been in the back of my mind, so I’m ready to get back into that world.

Anyways, celebrate with me! One day this week I’ll fill you all in on the kitchen remodel that starts TOMORROW!

Happy Tuesday!


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