There are several things that I should be doing, but then I realized that I haven’t blogged in about a millennium. Readers and fans alike, I present to you, a blog.

I’m up early preparing for a final, my only final, and drinking coffee. I prefer to wake up this early and read poetry, or blogs, or anything really. I don’t like getting up this early to study.

Since I’ve been gone, I have accomplished the following:
Finished my last real semester as a Grad student
Almost turned 22
Drank 5 million 72 thousand cups of coffee, plus one.
Written a 14 page paper
Changed dog food brands
Done a lot of hair

This list could continue for a while. I’ll stop there. I’ll try to do better blogging world. I’ll try.

For now, that’s all. Time to hit the books for a bit longer.

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