This post should really be titled “The Bathroom Remodel That I Thought Would NEVER End” but it did end, and now that I’m fully through the Rabbit Hole I realize how much I learned and grew as a homeowner throughout this process.

So, it started like this: Hey we got this Lowe’s gift card for Christmas. How about we get a new countertop for the spare bathroom. Literally, that is how it began. Then, we find out that our cabinet is more of a kitchen cabinet and nothing standard will fit. Boo. So then, after much deliberation, I go to our local Habitat For Humanity Restore place and buy the correctly sized cabinet. It looked like hell, but I made it beautiful.

Luckily, to make it beautiful I got to learn how to chalk paint, which is something that I have been wanting to learn. Now, I’m in the process of painting a new bedside table and lamps!

So, we take out the old cabinet, put in the new cabinet, and realize that now there will be a gap between the tile and the cabinet because the new one is two inches smaller. Goodbye ugly pink tile, hello a Casey that knows how to tile. Mark taught me and Nathan how to tile and that was really fun.

Then, after a few plumbing debacles (one in which I learn to take everything apart and put it back together because Nathan has the patience of a Saint), we now have a beautiful spare bathroom! Hope you enjoy the home remodel, we sure have. Now, I’m getting a little nervous because we only have our master bathroom left. I’ll need another project after that.

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