I’m at the point in the new novel prep where it is almost time to start putting words on paper. This is the scariest part for me: the beginning. I think this novel is extra scary to me because I have already written one, and my Mamaw has read it, so I feel like I actually have something to live up to.

I’ve been planning, made a huge change to the plot that I had been developing yesterday, and now I have to put words down onto paper. Ashley and I are going to start exchanging our work weekly or bi-monthly again, and our first deadline is Saturday. I have six days to get at least a chapter done. While it is scary to being staring at a deadline again, it’s also invigorating to know that someone out there is waiting on my words.

For Look to the Sky, I have started agent hunting. I’m researching the writers of novels that live in the same weird genre as mine. I would love to be on the publishing train with some of my favorite authors, but I also know how busy those agents must be with their successful authors. Really, I just know that I have to find an agent who is willing to take a chance on someone like me. I’m hoping that since I have two scary things going on (writing a new novel and trying to figure  out how to query agents for Look to the Sky) that I won’t be able to crazy stress one or the other. I’ll be seeking balance in my stress levels. We’ll see.

What to expect this week: 

  • I’m going to post before and after pictures of the bathroom remodel, which was a long and grueling process but that has made our house look even more done. Also, I think it is helping me on my way to becoming Joanna Gaines.
  • I bought a small side table/dresser to be the bedside table in the spare bedroom that I am going to work on. It was a steal and I think I’m really going to be able to make it look great.
  • In that same purchase, I bought some ugly lamps that I’m going to DIY for the office. Those will hopefully get done this week as well.
  • Hopefully I will do a celebratory post of me being off of crutches! This morning my foot informed me that I pushed a little hard yesterday, so I’m going to try to baby it a little bit today.

Well, here’s to Sunday, to To-Do Lists a mile long, to sunny, warm weather in February and spending the day with people that I love! Hope you all are doing the same!


PS: Beta readers, I haven’t forgotten you! Books will hopefully get printed and mailed to you all this week!


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