I will be a runner. I will be a runner. I will get healthy and I will be happy with myself again.

This is what I tell myself on the last stretch of my morning mile. That last two- or three-tenths of a mile are the hardest. I’m training to run in a halloween race that is only 1.8 miles and I’m also wanting to start running some 5k races. I know I won’t necessarily win and at first I will probably be lucky to finish, but this is something that I feel like I need to do for me.

My day now starts at 6:15 instead of 7 and I’m adjusting quite well. I’m always grumpy until my first cup of coffee and after that I’m usually ready to go. This morning is a bit more difficult than most because I haven’t run this weekend. I take Saturday and Sunday off, which might change this next weekend. It doesn’t do much for my mental drive.

Today is also a day of no work. All I will do today is run and then do homework for the next day. It really is all that I plan on doing. I got a little bit behind but I will catch up today.

Anyways, wish me luck, and the same to you.


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