Why is this number such a big, scary number to me? I’ve been trying to write this blog for officially twelve days now. Twelve. That, my friends is ridiculous.

I was looking through my statistics for my blog a couple of days after my last post. I saw that the next post that I wrote would be post 100. You can’t see that when you look at my blog, so it shouldn’t matter, but it has given me one of the worst cases of writer’s block ever. And for something none of my readers would have known had I not told them.

The past twelve days have been a whirlwind. Here is a list of some of the things that I have done, in no particular order:
– Written to page 65 in my journal
– Done several heads of hair
– Went to several meetings
– Picked up Nic and brought him to stay with me for a week
– Registered for a half marathon and started my training plan
– Spent time with Holly, one of my favorite people who lives too far away
– Read three books
– Completed day one of the writer’s program at the library
– Started writing my second novel
– Gone to the Farmer’s Market twice, tomorrow will be three times
– Ate pizza, a rarity for me

It may all seem mundane and boring. That’s okay. I’m going to get ready to go run. I sure am glad to have post 100 out of the way.

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