I woke up this morning at half past six. I’m at home, spending time with my family for one of my little sisters birthdays. She’s turning 13. This birthday is a big one. Astronomical in size compared to the last several. How do I feel about this? I’m not sure. You see, this year we have had a few big birthdays, but turning 13 is a rite of passage, a coming of adulthood, a time to acquire responsibilities and develop a sense of self.

My other little sister will be turning 11. 11 is also a big deal. She will be transferring schools, going through the swift transition from elementary school to the big kid world of middle school.

These changes are part of growing up, the only part of being a big sister that I’m not a fan of. I want them to stay small and stay safe, but unfortunately I can’t keep them small and at some point I will have to step back and just be an onlooker in their lives.

I have so many precious memories that involve them as children, but the time to treat them as adults draws ever nearer. So happy birthday, little sisters! Because that’s really the only thing I can say.


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