I’ve never seen the pile of laundry sitting this high. Never. It’s piled so high it won’t all fit into the three laundry baskets. It’s piled so high I’m quite afraid of what might be hiding underneath it.

This morning Willow walked by it and jumped. I think she saw something moving underneath it. Yesterday I tried to force it into the closet, unsuccessfully, and while I was gone the pile spread itself out so that it could cover more ground and take me out when I returned. It was almost successful.

While yesterday was a day of lasts, today will be a day of getting it together. I’m going to get rid of this pile of laundry so it will stop haunting my nightmares. At 2:00 I have a meeting with the wedding coordinator and the music man at the church to get things going for the wedding.

I’m so ready to get everything done and gain a little bit of control over my life back. Slowly I’m knocking things off of my list with a blunt ax.

On the upside, yesterday our offer was officially put in on the house of our choice. It’s so cute, and when we know for sure if it is ours, I’ll post some pictures so that everyone can enjoy it.

Well, that’s all that’s going on right now. Wish me luck.


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