All things considered, My life is getting back on track. I was extremely stressed out about a month ago because I realized that doing hair for the rest of my life was just not an option. I was going crazy being in the salon full time, so I decided to start back to school. I’ll be attending UCA in the fall to get my Master of Arts in Teaching.

Now, all of those who laughed at me and told me that if I chose to be an English major that all I could ever do was teach, don’t start laughing and saying, “I told you so” just yet. The MAT is just a means to an end. My life plan has been lacking substance for a while, but substance has returned.

Are you ready?


I’m going to be a librarian.

Yeap. Don’t laugh either, because this is the perfect job for me and I can’t wait. Unfortunately it will be 4 years before I will be able to actually be a librarian. 4. Long time. It’s okay though. 1 bachelors degree and 2 masters later, I will be a librarian.


Thanks for reading, and being patient with my sparse posts. I’ll try to do better, but now it’s off to work on my novel.

Happy writing, reading, and whatever else you have going on these days!


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