Guess what avid readers and fans!

School starts tomorrow!!!!!


This is how many of you must feel about school starting. Not me though…
I know what you’re thinking, and that’s okay. I know it isn’t typical to be this ecstatic about school starting up again, but let me tell you, I have been counting down the days.

Casey’s list of reasons to look forward to school:

1.) No more working full time at a job that I only like about 50% of the time.

2.) I’m once again goal oriented. I’m working towards something that means so much to me.

3.) After I finish this degree, I’ll have a masters, and when I walk I get one of those super awesome hood things!

4.) I’ll no longer be catering to the egos of women. (Yes, I realize that someone has to do this job, and at one time I truly enjoyed doing it, however, the time has come for me to move along. One more year people.)

The list goes on as to the many reasons that I am excited about school starting. I’m so excited, I’ve already started looking at my textbooks, I even read a little bit of one of them. Cool, huh?

So, just be prepared, my future posts will probably have a lot to do with my studies, because there is a lot to learn about education.

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