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Writing everyday is not difficult for me, I’ve been doing that since school started. Writing something that I feel is worthy to post on my blog everyday for an entire month is something entirely different! If you are interested in following along with this December blog challenge, click on the button and write up a storm! If you are just looking for more fun facts about people, go check out my friend Madi at And So I Did! You’ll just love her. She’s buckets and bundles and bobsleds of fun!

Now, to secrets.

When I was in high school, I thought my mother was insufferable. My curfew was what some very young people had as their bed time and aside from sports and school activities, I had zero life. I was popular! I needed to be out with my friends doing whatever it was they were doing!

The final straw for me was when I was asked to go to prom with my then boyfriend-type-thing. I was so excited, and as a senior who was almost eighteen, had finished school up in December, and was working my own job, I had no concerns about what my curfew would be. Prom night was the one night of the year where parents were supposed to relinquish some of their control, right? The prom that I was going to had an all night casino themed after party that I was so excited to go to.

But, as usual, my mom didn’t see that as reasonable or logical. Instead of my usual 11:00 curfew, my curfew was pushed back to midnight. I remember being so angry with my mom. She was obviously being unreasonable.

At some point in the prom prep, we had a conversation in which I reminded my mom that I would soon be in college and, I quote:

“I will stay out all night even if I have to sit on a park bench until four in the morning.”


Looking back, that was not my most shining moment. I was being a brat. Of course all of my grown up perspective makes me realize that, right or wrong, my mom ALWAYS had my best interests at heart. She still does. I don’t think you will ever meet a woman who cares more about her children than my mom.

So, time for the secret. Although I pulled many an all-nighter at college, most of them were spent in the library doing my homework. I stayed out late pretty often, Chelsy Larson can attest to that, but never once did I sit on a park bench until four in the morning. I’m still in my twenties though, there’s still time!

What are you keeping secret?

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