We are now starting our fifth day of the new year. I know that at some point in July (probably even sooner if I’m being honest), I will have moved on, maybe not fully forgetting my New Year’s Resolutions or the commitments that I have made to myself, but I won’t be posting about them all the time. I won’t be trying to keep you updated or making sure that I’m staying on track. So, for now, please tolerate my posts. I’ll get back to all writing soon enough!

Advocare Update

I start my 24 Day Challenge today. I took my before pictures, and in looking at them, I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in myself. I worked really hard most of last year, and in the last 8 or so weeks, I’ve been so busy with other facets of life that I stopped making time for myself and then there were negative consequences. I gained ten pounds. In the grand scheme of life, not a huge deal, but frustrating nonetheless because I had worked so hard to get rid of those pounds in the first place. I’m trying to just remind myself that life is full of ebbs and flows and I’m doing what I can with what I’ve got.

I got an interesting question yesterday about why I chose Advocare as my supplement. There are a few reasons, the first of which being that Advocare’s focus is on clean eating. I am able to eat all the time, which is important to me. I love to work out and run, and being hungry during either of those things makes me grumpy. I eat food that comes from the ground or from the earth: nothing processed. This isn’t the kind of lifestyle that I could maintain longterm 100%, but I think of the 24 Day Challenge as a reset for my body. Once I’m done, I always crave the right things, not the gross things.

The second reason is the fact that it isn’t a diet pill or a magic potion. I have to still work hard to see results. My body is doing the work, my food choices are impacting how I feel, and that’s it. The products that I will take are all supplements, omegas, vitamins, minerals. Lots of reasons over here, and I’ll share more as I progress!

#writeandrun31 Update

I am on my fourth day of the #writeandrun31 challenge. I ran 3.1 miles on day one, 2.8 on day two, and 1.7 on day three. Today is a gym day for me, so I will probably run a mile as a warm up before my weights routine.

This year, I knew I wanted to try to run in 12 races. This is proving more difficult than I thought because I’m having a hard time finding races in these frozen tundra months, so I’m not exactly sure how that will pan out, but I am definitely going to try my hardest. I like this challenge because it coincides with my 24 Day Challenge, and I’m wanting to see serious results, so I’m hopeful that this is the beginning of some serious changes.

Look to the Sky

I am loving revision of Look to the Sky right now. I have 31 sticky notes (which means that I have 31 chapters in my 76k word novel), that are chapter mapped. Underneath some of those sticky notes are smaller purple sticky notes that have ideas on them. I have 13 revision ideas left to address and then the comments that I have left for myself in the document. After some conversations with Ashley, we have decided that our revision end date goal is January 31. That is the day we want to send out to beta readers and for me, take a break from Georgia and Joel and head into the land of Kennedy and Lyndon! That makes me both happy and sad. It’s like Bilbo at the beginning of the first Hobbit movie:

I’m going on an Adventure! 

So, you have been caught up. Things to expect this week will be a play by play of the accidental bathroom remodel that Nathan and I started over the break and are working on finishing up. It’s a hoot, seriously. Another Advocare update will be on your way, and with that, I’ll try to include my meal plan. Hope this week finds you well, and for my fellow teachers:

Constant Vigilance!

Mad Eye Moody

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