Have you ever heard someone say that writers and readers are just so reclusive? Like, do they have any friends? It’s funny. I’m pretty reclusive myself, but I definitely have friends. Some of the best people you will ever meet, because you know what? They put up with all my reclusiveness and my need for my own time. My husband is the best at this. He always knows when I need some me time, and he lets me have it.

I told you in my previous post that I would tell you some of the positives that have come from my iPad getting stolen. I know, can there be positives to this horrid, horrible, disastrous situation? Well, I’m a pretty positive person, so I have found the silver lining (and if you haven’t read Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick, I highly recommend it).

I went to the library last week and checked out three books. Since I finished my paper I have been devouring books; I’ve read six or seven in the last week and I have two that I’m almost done with. Anyway, back to the real story. You all know that I’m working on my own book right now, so I’m reading books that are similar in style to the one that I’m writing. I picked up The Bermudez Triangle, Girl at Sea, and Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson. These books have a similar feel to what I have been working towards in my own novel.

Before my iPad was stolen, I was reading a lot on my iPad. Books were just mine to read. I didn’t share, but I also didn’t get some of the feelings that I get when I read a real, tangible book. It’s funny because I’ve always said that I like to read my own books because I feel like a part of myself gets trapped within the pages. A perfectly preserved replica of myself when I read the book the first time.

When I was young and I was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I was eating flaming hot Cheetos and I got some of the finger residue on the page. Years later when I revisited that book, it took me back to that place. I remember my room, with my neon blue comforter with lime green flames, my L-shaped computer desk with the dolphin mousepad. I remember lying on that bed, in several different positions (upside down often happened) for hours, reading that book from start to finish.

Dog eared page

When I was reading Girl at Sea, someone who had read it before me had dogeared the page. I don’t believe in dog earring the pages of my own books- it’s a crime worthy of capital punishment in my house- but that dog eared page connected me to someone else who had read the book before me. I imagined them reading the book, probably a young teenager who needed to know that other teenagers are looking for themselves, too. It was this crazy moment where I couldn’t figure out why people would think that readers are recluses.

I’m reading a book after someone else read it and dogeared the page. Hundreds of people have probably read the exact same pages that I was reading. We are all connected: different experiences, different people, various ages and backgrounds and experiences. And yet, we are all connected through this one book. How many of us have probably read the same book several times?

So, I’m still sad about my iPad, but I’m realizing the beauty in sharing books. In flipping pages and making some connections, even if they are imagined.

So, the silver lining here- reading connects us, and I’m more connected now than I was before. =)

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