The weekend is meant to rest and relax those who seem to always have viciously long and torturously busy weeks. Why is it that it never seems to go that way? I knew that working on Saturday was on the agenda, but I expected to work until around noon, then be off to enjoy my weekend. That my friends, did not happen like it was supposed to.

Saturday morning, one of my friends was in a wedding, so I got to do the whole parties make-up, while one of my bestest friends, and my coworker, Holly, came to my rescue and did the updos for me. She is a lifesaver, and I’ve never seen a group of people with prettier updos for a wedding. The bride looked amazing and elegant, and all of her bridesmaids were going to look good by her side. That was supposed to be it, but then I got to do a color, which I love doing. This color was special, however, because my client’s name was Ramona, and Ramona is making my wedding cake. She just opened her own bakery, it’s called Double Dip, and if your interested tell me in the comments and I’ll send you in the right direction. Ramona needed to feel good about herself, and making her blonder was the right decision. She looked amazing, and I can guarantee she felt amazing, too.

When work was over, I came home, planning to relax, maybe watch some Gilmore Girls (I’m on Season 4 rightnow, and I’ve been told that Luke and Lorelai finally figure out that they are supposed to be together, with only one break-up and get back together moment to look forward to, can we say finally?). Unfortunately, there was shopping to be done with the perfect boyfriend, and later we went and got coffee with some friends. Not a bad Saturday, but still a little busy for my liking.

Sunday came, and the closets snatched me up and threatened to lock me away if I didn’t organize them. Well, what would you do in the face of being locked away in a closet under boxes of shoes and more than one box filled with junk. Of course I said that I would clean them, and I actually did. I found some really cool stuff, like:

the cord that hooks my camera to my computer

my old cell phone box

a laptop case

Nathan’s camera that we thought was stolen

a few shirts

an affluence of hats and scarves and purses

my old piano books

manuals for things that I no longer own (probably because I couldn’t figure out how to work them)

and the list could go on. I always love going through things, because you never know what you might find. Did anyone else find anything interesting this weekend?


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