I think it’s time for a new blog. And, if you were hoping for something uplifting and original, just skip this post. If however, you’re looking for something along the lines of bitchy, then please, continue reading.

I hate online classes. I like school. Actually, I love school. Some people, even most of my closest friends, find my love of school to be something closely resembling disgusting. I have found school’s fatal and life threatening flaw. The flaw that could forever alter my fondest memories. Online classes.

I hate blackboard, and I hate centra. I hate the way the web is putting a screen between us and good, old-fashioned learning.

Now, if you think that I’m just saying this because I don’t like the internet, or that I’m not comfortable with the ever changing and fascinating world that is technology, I’ll forgive you, because you’re just confused. I have a Mac, I have a blog, and even a facebook. I love technology.

What I really don’t like is an online class becoming a job. When you sign up for an online class, you expect it to be online, not a lovely combination of online, in class, and the wonderful online meeting place that is centra.

For those of you out there that enjoy it, I’m sorry. I just can’t like it. It’s against my religion.

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