The world that we know and are familiar with no longer exists. The street lights come on well before night fall and continue shining until the day breaks again. Adults stay afraid and the children of the world become the only hope for survival. You see, something has happened in the world, and the dead don’t stay dead for long, at least the bodies stay dead. The spirits, however, can’t seem to stay away.

DownloadedFile-1 The Problem began and now children everywhere are the front line, the ones fighting ghosts, specters, and scary things in general. Even though the kids are doing all the intensive, frightening, labor intensive type things that involve the dispelling of the more sinister apparitions, the adults still try to control them. That’s where Lockwood and Co comes in, the only adult free psychic investigations unit in London.

Lucy Carlyle shows up on the Lockwood and Co. doorstep for her seventh interview in seven days. Her last job, thanks to the adult who chose not to listen and to Lucy’s own mistake of not listening to her own instincts, did not end well, so she’s in London trying to start fresh. Anthony Lockwood, young and determined to prove himself in this adult driven worlds, hires Lucy on the spot because of her special talents.


Lucy, who can truly hear, Lockwood, who can truly see, and George, a disgusting slob with the inclinations of a scientist, are the three individuals who might just be able to make a name for themselves. Through a series of mis-adventures, Lockwood, George, and Lucy end up on a daring mission in one of the most severely haunted homes in all of England.  Where others have failed, how will three kids be successful against such foes?

This book was a bit of a slow starter for me, mainly because of a few time jumps that I wasn’t quite ready for. In the end, I’m glad I stuck it out. George was smart and sloppy, Lucy clever, and Lockwood was a character, let’s just leave it at that. The story was so original that I loved the storyline almost as much as I loved the characters. There was a lot of time spent on background knowledge, which worked out nicely because there will definitely be a sequel. Too many loose ends were left and I have a feeling that Lucy has a few talents up her sleeve that even she doesn’t understand.

So, go check this book out. I loved it!


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