Needless to say, I have been busy. Really busy. So busy in fact that my most entertaining readers have been sending my facebook inquiries about when I will write again. Needless to say that literally made my day. I forget sometimes that I am not just writing for myself, I am writing for the people who read what I write as well. So first, thank you to all of my faithful readers. You make it difficult to put down my pen.

The Breakdown: The last two months have been a hot mess, but an amazing hot mess. On May 8th, Nathan and I both graduated from college, receiving our undergraduate degrees, mine in English and Creative Writing, his in Business Marketing. That is a big accomplishment for both of us. Then, on May 10th, I turned 21. It was an eventful day to say the least, and I’ll spare you the boring details. The rest of May was spent finalizing the wedding, finishing up showers, writing thank you cards, and preparing for the big day.

Then the wedding came. It was beautiful.


The church was amazing, the people were amazing, the band was amazing. It was the wedding I could never have accomplished without the mounds of support and help that I received.

Next: We decided to move the weekend after we got married, probably because we are crazy. Now we live in a duplex type thing with some of our best friends living right next door. It is a definite step up and we love it. Now that most of everything is back in order, it is time to start writing again. I told one of my closest friends a couple of days ago that I haven’t written anything since school was finished. I think I was just creatively burned out because of the massive amounts of stress that I was under for six months straight.

It feels good to blog, and readers, I hope it feels good to read.

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