Teaching is a profession that one must have a calling for. I’ve decided that all those crazy people who become teachers just to get good vacation time are crazy. It wouldn’t be worth it, but I suppose that is my opinion. I’ve been in the classroom, well, several classrooms, for about seven months now, and boy have I learned a thing or two about teaching. Some of it, I could have done without.

Things Teachers Should Know About Teaching:

1. 6th graders are whiny. You have to put your foot down and you can’t do it for them.

2. Sometimes personal stuff gets in the way of a student’s grades and you will have to decide if it’s worth them getting a semester behind. I know, that’s a hefty weight.

3. 9th Graders are stuck in a time warp between being an obnoxious older kid and an obnoxious younger kid. Here’s a play by play:

Casey: Did you just donkey kick your friend?

Student: Uhhhh….. *turns to sit down*

Casey: Are you a donkey? Seriously? *if looks could shame look on face*

Student: Uhhhh…. yes? *dumbfounded look at not only getting caught, but getting caught by a substitute that he swears was
reading her book when he looked up before committing the donkey-related behavior*

Casey: Sit down, and act right. Seriously, you have 4 more minutes of time to be well-behaved. Gosh.

4. 6th Graders are also stuck in a time warp, but it is body related. Some of those 6th graders are more developed than I was at age 16. Yeap. Same goes for boys though. I swear there was a full on mustache in one of my classes.

5. Substituting is just babysitting. Teachers don’t want other teachers stealing their thunder. Well, I wouldn’t either if I was a teacher.

6. Girls in 9th grade are also sometimes sketchy. I did go through this, too:

Student: *walks up to desk*

Casey: Yes?

Student: Can I go get my math book? *too sweet smile.*

Casey: Are you done with all of the Unit 12 vocabulary? It is due tomorrow. *annoyed face*

Student: Well, actually. Uhm… I’m done with all of it except the section where you like have to make like sentences with the vocabulary words like. I have to like get my mom to help me with that part. *too sweet smile repeated*

Casey: *dumbfounded look of annoyance* Sure, if your mom is going to help you with it.

7. There are cliques in every school. Beware of them and separate them. No one wants an organized crime ring in their classroom.

8. Students love going to the bathroom. LOVE!

9. High school is a lot harder to get involved in any sort of conversation. They kind of just look at you. Beware.

10. There are bullies in every classroom. If you just watch you’ll see them snatching objects out of “friends” hands and pulling hair that doesn’t belong to them. Get it under control or it will control you!

This is not a complete list, but I was inspired by my best friend, Casey Jo, where she made a list of things you should learn. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment away!

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