Creative writing and teaching are two of my passions. One of the best experiences and feelings is when two passions are able to mesh and meld into one. Over the past couple of years I have really tried to get a creative writing presence in my school, and this is the first year that that has been successful.

This year I started a creative writing club at Rogers New Tech. This led me to the opportunity to not only work with my learners at New Tech, but to also work with the Rogers Public Library doing a monthly creative writing workshop. Writer’s Block at New Tech and Writer’s Workshop at the library are two of my favorite things. I really enjoy working with Writer’s Block every Tuesday, but do you know how I know that they really enjoy the experience and community of writers? When they give up time on their Saturday to write creatively.

This weekend will be the third meeting, and of all the learners that came to the second one, I think that they are all going to return to this one. They are also telling their friends. I tried to more actively recruit participants from the other schools in the community. I think we’re going to have a seventh grader! I haven’t really had many younger students participate, so this is really exciting for me.

I’ve reread this post several times trying to figure out what I’m trying to comment on. The best thing that I can come up with is that through this creative writing niche that I have, I have created a community of writers. They hang out in my classroom every morning and they want to share their writing with each other. They ask for feedback. One learner lost all of her writing from our first session, and with tears in her eyes, she shared what she lost. I know these kids on a very different level than what I am allowed in the classroom.

Taking my special talent and turning it into a community has completely encouraged me, both as a teacher and as a writer. I want to be better everyday because I know that some of these kids are counting on me. Don’t be afraid to over invest. It was one of the best choices I’ve made.

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