I’ve got to tell you all, with my brain officially on Spring Break, it is really hard to wrap my mind around creating a post about teaching at New Tech. I’ve been sitting here staring at the screen, waiting for inspiration to strike. As I’m thinking about New Tech, what I’m really thinking about is this awesome project that my cofacilitator and I have been working on.

The project is titled Do the Right Thing, and it centers on To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the Civil Rights Movement. Our driving question for the project is “What does it mean to do the right thing?” The learners have several tasks that they must accomplish as they move through the reading and their own research: 1. Read and analyze TKAM, 2. Create a website that explores modern and past events and people involved in Civil Rights, and 3. Create an avenue for people in our school or in our community to do the right thing. unnamed

It’s a huge undertaking. They are in groups of four learners, all responsible for different components as well as the overall sharing of the information. My cofacilitator and I have spent a lot of time designing projects, and I feel that this is the first project since our very first one that has created this real world application that makes the project more interesting and more fulfilling.

So, my question to you is what does it mean to do the right thing?
What are some ways that you can encourage the community to do the right thing?

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