I Am. So. Nervous. About. This. School. Year.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I don’t really get nervous about school, I usually get excited. I love the beginnings of things, when everything is fresh and new. Also, this is New Tech’s third year to be open, which is a really big deal. They (you know, the notorious they) tell teachers that the third year teaching is really when new teachers will find their groove, and I feel like the third year of being open is a time that the entire building finds their groove as well.

Teachers are collaborating left and right, the walls are hopefully going to get some color, and while I’m sure everyone is feeling the pressure, we’re also having a ton of fun.

Tonight is the annual block party where kids come in and get all their paperwork and laptops and any other important information. All the teachers come and we help all the kids get comfortable before they (especially the freshmen) start something new and different and exciting on the following Monday.

I think I’m nervous because this is the first year that my co-facilitator and I have a solid plan, one that we think can work for the entire year. A sustainable plan that will improve student learning. One where we get to focus on feedback. It’s just all feeling very good.

We’ll see how it goes as the year progresses, but I have to say, nerves and all, I’m so excited for what this year will bring.

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