Failing Up.

That sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? Failing up? What the heck is she talking about, you may be asking. I can’t blame you, the first time I heard this I thought the person talking was losing their mind. There is no such thing as failing up, I said to myself.

I was always an A student. There were very few things that upon my first try I wasn’t pretty decent at. For the most part I could understand most subjects relatively easily. In my hobbies, like sports, there were very few that I wasn’t naturally good at. High school was a breeze for me, then I went to college.

In college I learned what it was like to not be good at something. There are professors that I remember telling me something about my writing or my thinking and I remember being genuinely upset. Some of those comments I have carried with me since the moment that they were said. One thing about college for me is that I didn’t know how to fail up. This is something that I have learned since being at New Tech.

Fixed and Growth Mindset

Failing up is all about having a growth mindset. Instead of thinking “I must be successful immediately” you learn to think “this thing I’m learning is worth working at.” This is hard, and it doesn’t happen immediately. Ever since I learned to love the phrase fail up, I’ve been attempting to apply it to my life. I’m 26 years old, I don’t have it figured out, I don’t know what my future looks like, but I can guarantee you all that I’m in the process of failing up.

So, as I’m looking at a summer filled with work, work, writing, presentations, traveling, more work, you name it, I know that I’m going to do my best to fail up. Even if I make a mistake, I will get back up and keep on trying. This shift in mindset, when applied correctly, is a game changer.

My challenge to you: Develop a growth mindset. Don’t be afraid to try because you may fail. All failure is a stepping stone to success if you look at it the right way. So, get out there and fail up.

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