So, on Fridays I’m trying to post something that is fitness minded, whether that be a recipe or a new exercise that I tried and liked or even just an update. Today, because it is a Friday and I feel crazy and excited for the weekend, you get an update.


My goal is to run the Hero Half in October. It is now the end of August and I’m about half-way through my training (which, let’s be honest, has been a bit spotty for the last couple of weeks. I’ve run twice this week, and I’ll run tonight and probably Saturday and Sunday. It just wasn’t feasible to run Wednesday or Thursday because I had hair appointments, so, as with all things in life, you just have to roll with what gets thrown at you.

That being said, on Sunday I ran a full 10k (6.2 miles) in 58 minutes. That’s the longest distance that I’ve gone in a while and I was pretty happy with my time. On September 19 I’m going to register to run the Special Olympics 10k in Fayetteville. My goal time will be around 55 minutes. It’s going to be my measuring stick for the half in October.

Other Exercise:

Let’s be honest, none of that other exercise stuff is really happening. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to fit all the pieces of my life together in a way that doesn’t turn me into a crazy person. Ha. Also, I really hate Planet Fitness in Fayetteville, but a friend works out at the Planet Fitness in Rogers. I think I’m going to check that one out and see how I feel. I miss World Gym. I miss World Gym classes and yoga on Saturday mornings and I’m still upset about losing the most convenient gym. I paid more for it, but it worked for me. Before, I loved going to the gym, but now, not so much. We’ll see if Rogers is a better option for me.

Healthy Eating:

Lettuce. Lettuce. and More Lettuce. I usually love salads, but I think I’ve just over eaten the salads. I haven’t done that great of a job of meal prepping these last two weeks, so it’s been a lot of salads for lunch. Which, I mean, is great except that I’m a little bit sick of them. You know how it is when you over do it. I’ve got a great recipe that I’m going to share with you all next week. I’m going to go all food blogger on you and have pictures and everything. Watch out food world!

Anyone looking for a running partner in the Fayetteville area?

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