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Write and Run 31

A couple of my goals reflected fitness, running, and writing. They always do. When I’m exercising and writing, it’s like all the stars in my little universe align and my happiness is complete. I’m able to focus on other things, like my family. I’m better at reading books. I’m a better teacher because I release all of those daily annoyances and start fresh every morning. I definitely sleep better.

For January, I am going to participate in the #writeandrun31 challenge on top of my 24 Day Advocare Challenge. This is really as simple as it sounds: write everyday and run everyday. It doesn’t have to be a marathon everyday, it doesn’t have to be an entire novel everyday. Just those two things: write and run every day. Some ideas from the website are to write until you finish a cup of coffee, or write for ten minutes, or blog. For running, it even includes walking because sometimes walking is just as difficult as running. Sometimes, it’s just the act of getting out there.

This whole challenge will hopefully wrap up with me FINISHING Look to the Sky and running in the Rogers Frostbite Family 5k on January 31. It will be my first of (hopefully) twelve races this year!

What do you think? Interested in joining me on this little adventure? Check out the website and see if it is something you might be interested in!

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